Cor-Ten Steel Plate

Cor-Ten Steel Plate

Standard: ASTM

Grade: Corten A & Corten B, A588, SA588, EN 10025-5, EN 10155, TB/T 1979, GB/T 4171, JIS G3114.

Specification (any size by request): Thickness: 6-400 mm; Width: 1600-4200 mm; Length: 4000-15000mm

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COR-TEN has served as weathering steel (atmospheric corrosion- resistant steel). Corten steel plate has successfully overcome rust, steel’s most weakest. When exposed to the atmosphere without painting, corten steel begins to rust in the same way as ordinary steel. BUT soon the alloying elements in COR-TEN cause a protective surface layer of the fine-textured rust to form, thereby suppressing corrosion rate. Since its development in 1993, the COR-TEN has been used in every field where steel applied, such as bridges, railway vehicle and buildings. At present, COR-TEN are attracting attention as being suited for resources and environmental concerns as well as reducing life-cycle costs.

Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Plate:

ASTM Corten A Chemical Composition
Grade C Max SI Mn S Max Cr Ni Cu Nb Nb+V=Ti
Corten A 0.12 0.25-0.75 0.20-0.50 0.07-0.15 0.030 0.50-1.25 0.65 0.25-0.55 -
ASTM Corten A Mechanical Properties
Grade Permissible yield point
Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
% (min)
Corten A - 355 470-630 20 1t
Corten A Weathering Steel Parameters
Recommended Bending Radius without Special Requirments
Thickness mm 2-3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12
Radius mm 4 8 10 12 21 24 30 36
ASTM Corten B Chemical Composition
Grade/ Material Element Composition( Max-A, Min-I)
Corten B C A: 0.19
Mn 0.30-0.65
Si 0.80-0.25
P A:0.035
S A:0.030
Al 0.020-0.06
V 0.02-0.10
Cu 0.25-0.40
Cr 0.40-0.65
Ni 0.40
ASTM Corten B Mechanical Properties
Grade/Material Tensile Test Ksi/MPa
Corten B Tensile Strength I:485
Yield Strength I:345
Elongation 19%
Impact Test(if any)